Engaging Motherhood: Heart Preparation for a Holy Calling

Several years ago I had the privilege of writing a book with several other women. We came together to brainstorm. “From our experiences, how can we help prepare a woman for the journey of motherhood? What does she need to know when the laundry piles up and dishes remain unwashed? How can she find grace when so many voices cry out for ‘perfection’? What do I wish I had known?” Glory to God! The book has been published.

Actual Cover of Motherhood

It was easy to reflect back on my own life of self-flagellation as a young mother. I wanted to be the perfect mother with the perfect children, and I failed so profoundly every day that I spent very little time enjoying God’s wee gifts: two precious sons and a beloved daughter. It might have helped if I had known ahead of time what to expect. One quickly learns that babies don’t burp rainbows. They don’t come with an off switch, either. Hormones are REAL. Expectations and emotions are out of control (positive and negative), and you end up changing a whole lot more than just diapers. Motherhood is a glorious calling, but if one can prepare a little, it is helpful.

The book we wrote is called: Engaging Motherhood: Heart Preparation for a Holy Calling. The goal of the book is to offer a pathway of grace through the muddle of motherhood. It’s for expecting, adopting, nursing, lonely, exhausted and sleep-deprived women. It’s also for seasoned moms who need to be reminded that grace is available—all the time.

The book cover reads: Allow your gaze to be lifted from the stifling how-to’s of raising a child onto Christ’s sufficiency in meeting your every need along the way.

It was a pleasure to collaborate on this work, and we are proud of our achievement. I believe it can be significantly helpful to women with this “holy calling”.

You can order Engaging Motherhood: Heart Preparation for a Holy Calling by Holly Mackle and Linda Barrett by going to the PCA Bookstore. Amazon also carries it at: this address

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  1. artechoes says:

    Thanks, Noel. It’s quite a joy!

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