New Life Comes! He is risen from the dead!

New Life Comes!
He is risen from the dead!

The excitement of Resurrection Sunday two thousand years ago is hard to envision.

All hope was dashed only three days before. Now, life is so much more than you ever comprehended. On Friday, you lost your leader; on Sunday you gained an eternal King. On Friday, your heart was wrenched with despair; today it is pounding with vibrant hope and joy. Smiles replace tears. Songs of sorrow become songs of rejoicing. What was dark on Friday is bright with eternal light and hope on Sunday.

You went from utter desolation into an awareness that something is going on that is so much bigger than you ever, ever dreamed.

So it is with our lives. What felt like death on Friday can be transformed into glory and resurrection in a moment. When we get a glimpse of God’s ultimate purposes, a peek into the eternal, matchless plan of God, our heart receives a balm, a rising hope. We see that all that impacts us negatively is somehow being turned into life, if we can accept the fact that God is bigger than our pain.

Pain becomes mercy for others; sin becomes forgiveness, repentance and love; grief becomes compassion; fear becomes trust; death becomes life, and it’s all because of the resurrection. As believers we are raised to new life in Christ, and we can see his transforming power every day. Sometimes it seems so gradual, we can barely comprehend it. But it is there nonetheless, giving new life to our old man, renewing our mind, and somehow creating the life of Christ in us.

And one day, when our breath is taken from us, and we rise again, new life will course through our new bodies, and all the things that needed to be changed, will be. There will be no more harm ever again. All will be understood. No more questions. No more whys.

Somehow, in that day, as we gaze upon our glorious Savior with new eyes, we will see—just as the disciples saw on that Sunday morning so many years ago. What went before will be a shadow. And the only thing that will eternally fill our eyes is endless hope, love, and joy.

Our eyes will be filled with endless wonder, because he has risen.

A girls choir sings, “He is Risen!” (lyrics by Keith Green)


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