Happy Valentine’s Day Lonely-Heart Club Members

Be My ValentineValentine’s Day is a day for people who are in love—or at least that’s the message. Red-hearted greeting cards fill the aisles of stores, as do heart-shaped candies and red and white stuffed toys. But it doesn’t have to be for couples only. It can be for all of us, because it is about showing someone love and being reminded that someone loves you.

A younger married friend called my single daughter and asked her to go out for lunch today. So precious. Thank you Laura, you are God’s sweet gift to me, and I already know that you love my daughter.

Show love to someone today. You be the one to take a card, write a note, or to pass out heart candies at work (even to your horrible boss). I’m taking a card to a single friend, today, writing one for my husband, and bringing home some pink cupcakes.

Live out loud. Call friends and celebrate—especially, if you are in Christ. In Christ, we have a true, faithful lover—one who never leaves us or forsakes us. One who knows us through and through and loves us completely. He is for us, not against us. We can divorce him, but he will not divorce us—not ever.

Today, if you happen to be single, go out to a card shop and buy a valentine card. Buy one that tells you what Jesus might tell you if he were buying you a valentine. Anything from, “You’re the cat’s meow” to “I can’t stop thinking about you” or “You are a part of me” will do, because they are all true. Then sign it, “Jesus.” Remind yourself in doing so that you are not alone because Jesus never leaves us or forsakes us, and that you are the beloved of God.

The love of God is always attending to the hearts of men and women whether they are lonely in a relationship, or lonely as singles, divorced or widowed. Embrace His love for you, then join Him in the attention he gives to Lonely Hearts Club members everywhere. He rejoices over us all with singing—let’s all go and do likewise.

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