Come, Lord Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus!

I’ve desperately needed Christ to show up this past year. Critically ill friends, tragedy, personal needs, and a desire for more of him have pushed me to wait on him in expectant hope through prayer. I need him to invade this present darkness, and he is showing up in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen: divine appointments, restored relationships, personal revival, as well as answered prayers.

Maranatha means, “Come Lord Jesus” and “The Lord has come.” It’s a perfect word for the season. The Lord has come and dwells among us—now. He came humbly to bring hope, salvation, and so much more. He lives with us in our weakness and need. He left promises and assurances, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in us as a down payment of the “more” that is to come.

All the things that were left unfinished by his first appearing will be completed in the second. All those who have faith in him will be healed. Blind will see, the lame will leap, the dumb will shout for joy, and the dead will live. (Isaiah 35) And the Holy Spirit won’t be a down payment for coming reality, but we will see the REAL DEAL. God will be with us in His full incomprehensible presence.


Maranatha! Come heal our land and us. You came and are present, but we need more. Pour your Spirit upon us and bring redemption to our darkness. Revive our hearts and help us see.

Maranatha! Come again and bring unbroken, eternal fellowship, joy, and a complete restoration of all things.

Maranatha! We need you! Come Lord Jesus!

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