Today I Became a Shepherd


Today I participated in a Lectio Divina. It is a spiritual practice in which you meditate on a section of scripture, reading it 3-4 times as a group. With each reading you look for something different.

Today we read Luke 2:8-20, a very familiar set of verses. We were invited to place ourselves in the scene with the shepherds as the angels came to announce the birth of “a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” We imagined the excitement and hubbub over the evening’s events, and the stench that probably arose around the manger where Jesus lay. We placed ourselves in Mary’s shoes and wondered about her.

I imagined that I was one of the shepherds; I was responsible for those sheep when the angels came singing so loudly and clearly that glorious night. The angels told me to go and and look for a sign. “You will find a baby wrapped in cloths, and lying in a manger,” they said. I was full of fear, awe, and wonder, startled that I would be chosen to hear this glorious news in such a way.

As a shepherd, I had a decision to make. Would I go seek out the Savior and leave the sheep behind unattended?  If I didn’t go, I’d miss the most important event of history. I’d miss it because I couldn’t trust God to watch my sheep when He is able to send angels to fill the sky with praise.

Or maybe I was an under-shepherd, a hired boy. Would I be left behind, only to hear of the amazing story later when everyone else returned? How disappointed I would be! Angels! A promise! The fulfillment of prophecy. All this, and I’m sitting on a silent hill wishing I could go see his face.

Another thing I noticed was that the shepherds ran! They didn’t meander through the streets of Bethlehem. They went as quickly as they could. They were so excited! How often I lag behind and am uninterested! Give me feet that run to you, O God.

O Father, help me run toward your glory, forsaking the mundane in pursuit of the marvelous.  Help me see with wide-eyed wonder the hope that is found in Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God.

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One Response to Today I Became a Shepherd

  1. Valerie Scott says:

    Lectio Divina is a beautiful way to approach the holy of holies. These writings convey your deep insights and experiences, Linda, and are blessings to the reader.

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