Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?


Too often when I read the overly familiar stories about the birth of Christ, I can’t grasp the surprise anymore. I’ve grown accustomed to angels, strange births, and guiding stars appearing in the sky. They sound like, “blah, blah, blah” and inspire very little worship and no amazement. This month I want the eyes of a child as I read and meditate on events surrounding Jesus’ birth and remind myself that he is coming again! I want to see more than I usually see.

Can I have some more 5

The season of Advent is a time to examine closely the tiny particulars of God’s grace in the long ago first coming of Christ and to see with awe-struck eyes the hope of his coming again. It’s a time to be filled with MORE: more awareness, more worship and awe, more faith, hope, and love. And all of this is dependent on his giving us more grace.

Can I have some more 4I hope you will join me as we spy out the beauty and glory of the season and the miracles of Advent. I pray we will be filled with grace and awe as we attempt to comprehend, imagine, and believe the “MORE” that is found in Christ’s coming.

…The Mad Hatter

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